Friday, 8 December 2017

What is domain name and there types ? Information about domains seo

What is domain name ?

Domain name is a address of our, etc.
Suppose domain as a plot. Now you need to buy the plot you go to registrar to buy the domain like this criteria are used in domains
domain registrar
  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap
  • HostGator

Types of domains
 There are many types of domains are present in world.
What is domain name and there types ? Information about domains seo

International domains

International domains are used for ranking a blog all around the world. For example:- .com .xyz .online are international domains.
Mostly bloggers use the international domains for ranking their blogs

Country domains

.in .uk .us .ca are known as country domains these domains are used for ranking a website in a particular country.
Mostly government use this domain to rank theirs website in their country

Educational domains

.edu are known as a educational domains
These domains cost is high. If you want to start blog or website with .edu domain you also need the government permission.
These domains are used by University, schools and colleges.

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Monday, 4 December 2017

#1 Website business start today and start earning passive income

#1 Website business start today and start earning passive income: hello friends or upcoming bloggers. Do you want to know a website business idea to generate a passive income. If,yes than continually read this post to generate your website business
Website business start today and start earning passive income,WordPress,blogging

This is first post of our website business series. This series is like a book. We know that first page of book is index like a book our first page is index. 
In this index I am showing you what will we do in all serious so let's get started-

Website business idea

Website funnel

In this website serious we need to create create 3 website with separate Niche (topic). 

From where our income comes from.

Website incomes are usually comes from their running ads, affiliate marketing, paid reviews etc

From where we serve ads on our website

There are many companies that serve ads on our website's like Google Adsense, etc.
We also get paid ads from a company. But this is very tuff for beginners.
I hope you know about all things were described in article.
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Sunday, 3 December 2017

what is backlink and how many types of backlinks present in seo

what is backlink and how many types of backlinks present in SEO: hello guys today I am going to describe you legend way to rank your Articles in Google very easily. I you want to Know this method than read this post.

What is backlinks ?

In simple words - A hyperlink from one page to another website is called backlink.

Types of backlinks

 There are two types of backlinks
1. Dofollow backlinks
2. Nofollow backlinks

Dofollow backlinks-

When a website is linked to another website that helps the search engine to improve your site rank is called dofollow backlink.

There are two types of dofollow backlink
1. High PR backlinks
2. Low PR backlinks
High PR backlinks -
 PR means page rank.  high pr backlink mean high page rank backlink. 1 high pr backlink is equaled to 1000 low pr backlinks.
There are many sites to create high pr backlinks like YouTube, facebook etc.
This is a link to pr checker site
I also suggest you to create high pr backlinks
Low PR backlinks -
Low pr means low page rank backlinks.these link is litter valuable

Nofollow backlinks-

When a website page linked to another website with a no follow tag. This link is called no follow backlinks.these links are only readable by human being.

Which is most valuable dofollow backlink or dofollow backlink 

According to me do follow backlink is more valuable than no follow backlink because dofollow backlink increase our site rank and send traffic to our site.
I also create many dofollow backlinks for my site

I hope you know that what is backlink and how many types of backlinks present in seo 
Thanks for reading bye

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Start data entry jobs and start a carrier

Data entry jobs

Data entry jobs are most popular online job.
I am sure you must know about this job.

In these type of job you need to read all the typical data and write a post on a data in your words

Suitable for


Skills requirements-

1. Accurate writing skills
2. PC skills like fast typing
3. Experienced in Ms word

How to get started

Go to these websites

About earning

This is real Truth you cannot earn too much with this jobs but I found a that you can earn $100 daily.

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